About Us

The Company

D'N'A Cleaning Services is a brand new company established in 2018. We realise that there are many cleaning companies and private cleaners out there, but here at D'N'A Cleaning Services we like to do things a little different, catering to your each and every need. We are not a large company with lots of staff, we like to be able to take care of the intimate number we currently support with their daily household or office cleaning tasks.We do this by making sure that our customers have consistancy and their expectations are not only met but exceeded. Talk to us, and see what we can do for you!

The Owner

My Name is Danny Moore, I am the owner and founder of D'N'A Cleaning Services, I have many years experience in the cleaning industry, over 12 years in fact. I noticed that Cleaners never lasted long, meaning that clients never had consistancy, someone new every few weeks that had to be shown around and told what needed to be done, eating into time. I saw that clients needs where rarely reviewed and audits held only once per year, I want to change this, I want my customers to feel comfortable with the person they are trusting in there homes or offices, having regular reviews and making sure that the work being done is far better than they would have hoped. I wont only clean, I'll do your windows, iron or even mow your lawn, I offer services based upon the customers wants and needs.